Tom Brady reveals the thoughts about celebrity parenting

It's cool to be a celebrity child. Most people think that way. Tom Brady has a different opinion. Let's take a look at all the details.

This is what Brady said.

There are people who clean up after us. People make our food. If we have a need, there are people who will drive us to the airport.

When we get off the plane, there are people waiting for us. We are ushered into our seats.

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Tom Brady was also added.

This is my reality. It's hard to tell boys, "Guys, reality is different." What can we do to change that

Brady's family.

Brady, who is said to have a net worth $250 million, shares his son Benjamin, 12, with Bundchen. Vivian, 9, is also part of Brady's household.

He is also co-parenting John "Jack" (14), with Bridget Moynahan.