The Deadliest Assassin Returns in "John Wick 5"

Joe Drake, the head of Lionsgate's Motion Picture Group, revealed that a fifth installment of the "John Wick" series is now being developed.

A spinoff movie named "Ballerina," featuring Ana de Armas as a Ruska Roma assassin, will grow the franchise.

"Ballerina" will center on orphans who are taught wrestling, ballet, and other violent talents in the same institution where John Wick received his training.

Three further projects, including the television series "The Continental," are under production in addition to the spinoff movie.

By presenting related stories inside this realm, the John Wick movie universe will develop naturally.

Fans will receive a steady supply of John Wick stuff as long as the series is kept up.

The universe of John Wick is being developed by Lionsgate, going beyond the core character to examine more individuals and stories.

Fans may look forward to the 2024 release of "Ballerina" and the upcoming season of "The Continental" on television.