The Biggest Female Contract Signed' - Serena Williams Reveals Her Dad Richard's

Serena Williams and Venus Williams are undoubtedly two of the most successful tennis players in this generation.

The Williams Sisters, Richard Williams, gave plenty of credit to their father for their success on and off the court in the past.

It is worth noting that Richard Williams was once called a'mad man' for his unconventional methods.

Serena once described her father's characteristics in the best possible way, but she did so in an interview.

Serena Williams spoke about Richard, her father's business genius.

Serena Williams addressed a myth about Richard Williams, her father, before the US Open 2009. She also spoke about Richard Williams' business genius.

What does Serena Williams have to say about her father?

My dad is one of the most kind and easy-going people you will ever meet. My dad is an absolute genius in getting me and my sister into tennis.

He was genius in negotiating my contract with Puma. She said that her dad is a marketing genius.

Contracts between Venus and Serena

Venus declined a contract with Nike worth $3 million and signed a contract with Reebok for $12 million in 1995.

Serena Williams signed a contract in 1995 with Puma. Later, she signed a record-breaking Nike contract, which is still in effect.

The life story of Venus' father, King Richard, was beautifully portrayed in the movie King Richard.

The movie 'King Richard' was praised by critics and film fans last year.

Will Smith, a Hollywood actor, played the role of Richard Williams, Venus' father. Smith's exceptional performance touched many hearts.