Some great places to enjoy the beautiful lakes


It is a popular hill station located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India where people come to enjoy nature and beautiful lakes.

pangong tso

This place is located in Ladakh where this beautiful lake with blue water is present at a very high altitude, the scenery here attracts people towards itself.


This place is a Hindu religious place located in Rajasthan, which is very popular for its lakes, ghats and its culture.


This place is quite famous for its natural beauty and its famous Dal Lake.


It is a well-known hill station where one can get breathtaking views of nature and people also come here for boat ride on the famous lake.


This place located in Madhya Pradesh is known for its beautiful lakes and the beautiful environment there. People also do many types of adventure here.


It is a popular place in India where people come to spend their holidays to enjoy the cool climate and enjoy the lakes.


This is the historical place of Rajasthan, which is also called the city of lakes, there are many huge palaces, forts and beautiful lakes.