Some beautiful hill stations to visit with friends

Biligiriranga Hills

This place is famous for its beautiful environment, variety of flora found here and unique views of nature.


It is a beautiful place where panoramic views of nature are enjoyed as well as many people come here to do adventure work. 


This place is located in Tamil Nadu, which is situated on the hills, it is known for its beautiful lakes and large coffee plantations. 


This place is famous for its charming and calm environment, from here wonderful views of nature are seen which touch the mind. 


It is a beautiful place which is home to many wildlife and the natural beauty here fascinates the mind. 


People come to this place to enjoy the panoramic views of nature and to enjoy the vast coffee plantations. 


It is one of the most beautiful places in India where the serene atmosphere and natural beauty fascinates the mind. 


It is a charming place where people come to enjoy the ambience, beautiful greenery and soothing waterfalls. 

Nandi Hills 

This place attracts people with its natural beauty, for people who love nature, this place is no less than a heaven.