NBA stunned by Brandon Miller's shocking GOAT selection

In a pre-draft interview, Brandon Miller of Alabama shared his unusual viewpoint on the argument over the NBA's all-time best player (GOAT).

Many were taken aback when Miller declared Paul George to be his basketball GOAT rather than the more commonly accepted contenders like Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

He stated how watching Paul George a lot as a child affected the way he saw excellence.

Miller's comments drew a lot of attention on NBA Twitter, where several people criticized him and even implied that it would hurt his draft hopes.

Stephen A. Smith, among others, called Miller's assertion "utterly ridiculous."

A sports website called The Volume tweeted about George's present situation while making reference to the ongoing discussion.

Any defenders of Paul George as the GOAT were jokingly questioned, with the implication that it would be an improbable case.

Paul George's involvement in the GOAT discussion seems to be dismissed by many people, including teammates, rivals, and supporters.

Who is the readers' basketball GOAT, according to them?