NBA Draft Buzz Is Shaken by the Jaylen Brown Trade Rumor

The Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown is anticipated to re-sign with the organization this offseason.

A Twitter account named "Ghost of Leroy," known for breaking sports news, spread rumors that Jaylen Brown will leave the Celtics via a sign and trade.

Even if the account might not be fully trustworthy, it has previously provided accurate coverage of a variety of sports news.

According to Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe, the Celtics want to extend Brown a five-year, $295 million supermax contract and have no plans to trade him.

Brown's All-NBA performance the season before qualified him for a supermax contract.

Due to the NBA's new Collective Bargaining Agreement, which prohibits teams from paying several top players,

Brown's future with the Celtics has been in question since their devastating defeat to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The 2023 NBA Draft is set to start tomorrow night despite these contradicting rumors.