Kentucky floods Death toll climbs to 25

The loss of lives

At more than 25 people perished due to the torrential rains that inundated cities across Appalachia.

Governor of Kentucky

We continue to pray for families who have suffered the most devastating loss". "Some have lost nearly everyone in their home," Andy Beshear was quoted as saying by AP.

It could be weeks in the making

Beasher also noted that the number of victims will likely to rise dramatically It could take several weeks to locate all those who were affected by the record-breaking flash flood.

The struggle persists

Rescue teams continue to fight to enter flood-stricken zones, and some are among the most impoverished areas in America.

As of now nearly 1,200 emergency rescues have been completed using boats and helicopters.

Just total devastation

Beshear, who flew above portions of the region hit by floods in the area on Friday evening,

described the scene as "just complete destruction that is like nothing we've never witnessed before..

More than 48 hours

The rain dipped off in the early hours of Friday, after some areas in eastern Kentucky were hit with between 8 to 10 inches (20-27 centimeters) over the course of 48-hours.

However, some waterways weren't scheduled to peak until the weekend as reported by AP.

 Clearing debris

The people were seen removing debris and shoveling mud out of roads and driveways.

Climate change is to the blame?

Scientists warn that climate change is making weather-related disasters more frequent and making extreme rainfall events more frequent.

Direct relief cash

Vice President Joe Biden declared a federal disaster, directing relief funds to more than 12 Kentucky counties.

Power outage

Around 18,000 customers of utility companies were without power on Saturday morning Power outages were reported, according to AP.