How Many Kids Does Notorious NFL WR Antonio Brown Have?1

ANTONIO Brown, who played in the 2021 Super Bowl is the big name of NFL. The wide receiver has long been linked romantically to Chelsie Kyriss. Do you know how many kids he has?

How many kids does Antonio Brown have

Fill in some textAntonio Brown has five children, including three with Kyriss

 Brown discussed his high school life2

I was real skinny in high school

Brown added

I was real fast and explosive. I just didn't really have a good nutrition plan, I didn't understand how important it was to be healthy

para Brown discussed about his sperm count

para "Now I like everything about my body. My calves are developing and getting strong - it's definitely mango season

para Brown added

 para "Also, I've got a lot of kids, so my sperm count is good