Great place to enjoy waterfalls and nature

Rajat Prapat Falls

This waterfall is located in Pachmarhi which is completely surrounded by forests, people come here to enjoy nature and for trekking.

Raneh Falls 

This waterfall is known for its beautiful views and natural beauty which attracts people towards itself. 

Bee falls 

This is a famous waterfall of Pachmarhi, which has beautiful greenery all around, people like the beautiful environment here. 

duchess falls 

This waterfall located in Pachmarhi offers wonderful views of nature, people come here to do many types of adventure. 

Apsara Vihar 

This waterfall is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Pachmarhi from where one can see the breathtaking views of nature. 

Jata Shankar Falls 

Located in Pachmarhi, this is a religiously recognized waterfall, which is famous for its beauty, the greenery here attracts people towards itself. 

Pandav Caves and Falls 

This waterfall is located in the Panna National Park which is surrounded by lush green forests from all sides, people come here to enjoy the natural beauty. 

Dhuandhar Falls 

This waterfall is famous for its beautiful environment, people come here to enjoy the panoramic views.