Comparison of Serena Williams and Mike Tysons Net Worth

These Two Are The Most Outstanding Athletes in Their respective Sports. Mike Tyson is one of the most dangerous people on Earth.

But how does his net worth compare to Serena Williams, the world's richest female athlete?

Mike Tyson's Net Worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth sites, Mike Tyson's net worth for 2022 is $10 Million.

Net worth of Serena Williams

After her success on the tennis courts, Serena Williams is estimated to have a net worth of $250 million by 2022.

Nearly 20 corporate partners have Serena Williams and she has won $94 million in career prizes.

 Mike Tyson's Endorsements.

Mike Tyson has recently endorsed Smart Cups and Parimatch as well as Manscaped and CopperGel.

Serena Williams'Endorsements.

Williams signed an endorsement agreement with Puma in the early years.

It paid $13 million. She also had a three year extension option on her contract that would have allowed her to earn $55million if she met certain performance incentives.

 Mike Tyson's Career Earnings.

Tyson still managed to make around $375 million through fight purses, even though he was deceived out of millions of dollars.

He lost the majority of his money to lawsuits and a very lucrative spending lifestyle.

Serena Williams'Career Earnings.

According to the WTA, Williams' career earnings have exceeded $94.5 million. Williams is the female player who has won the most prize money in history.