Best Home Remedies to Treat Whiteheads

Clogged pores are among the main reasons for whiteheads. Here are some simple home remedies that you can use to lessen the appearance of whiteheads.

Lemon juice

The acidic nature of lemon juice makes it an astringent which assists in treating whiteheads.

Mix it with water and apply it on your whiteheads with the help of a cotton pad. Rinse the excess off in 20 minutes.

Apple cider vinegar

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities present from apple cider vinegar reduce the amount of skin bacteria and aid in removing whiteheads.

Mix it with water prior to applying it on your skin.

Aloe vera

It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. aloe vera may help minimize the appearance of whiteheads and help reduce the appearance of skin blemishes.

Steam from the face

The steaming process opens your pores and can be an excellent method to get rid of whiteheads from your home.


Honey is high in antibacterial qualities and acts as a fantastic barrier against infection for your skin. Apply a honey-based mixture and lemon juice on your face.

Wash it off after 15 minutes.