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USD to INR forecasts plays a fundamental role in nearly all aspects of international financial management between USA and India.
decisions often rely on  united states dollars to Indian rupees forecast of expected exchange rate movements.

To evaluate foreign borrowing or investment opportunities between United States of America and India, forecasts of future spot exchange rates are necessary to convert expected foreign currency cash flows between India and USA domestic currencies.
For long-term strategic decisions, such as whether to build or acquire productive resources in a particular country,
the firm needs forecasts of United States dollars into Indian rupees exchange rates to measure the competitiveness of alternative location choices.

Importance of dollar rupee exchange rates

Exchange rate forecasts also enter into the firm’s operating and strategic decisions, such as where in the world to source inputs and sell final products.
However, there is considerable certainly about the possibility of accurate or useful United States dollar to India rupee forecasts.
If economists are not able to describe the fundamental determinants of USD to INR exchange rates, clearly economic models will not be very helpful for forecasting.

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